The things that I like

Everyone likes something.So do I.There are some of the things that I like starting from:

Sports that I like:[CRICKET]

My favourite team is Bangladesh Cricket Team.First of all I like this team because it is team from my country. Secondly, it is a very strong team.I like to play this game and it is very much. The things that I like about this team:?
  1. Strong
  2. Organised
  3. Team from my native country

+To know more about this team visit BBC

*The place i want to go: Saudi Arabia.

It is acountry of Middle East. It is a country made on desert. It is one of the most beautiful country .I like this country very much .If I get a chance I will go there. Things that I like about SAUDI ARABIA

To know more about my favourite country please visit SAUDI

*A famous person: Bill Gates. He is the creator of #microsoft .This is the most common thing we see when we open our computer.He is the second richest person in the world. He started his work when he was in high school. He studied computer science in Harvard for one year. He is a very inspirational person .We can get many things to learn from him.There are some things about him:
  • Smart
  • wise
  • Positive minded

To know more about him visit Instagram